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Discovering an ideal home builder in Wimborne Minster for your project can be a challenging process, so whether planning to update your bathroom or kitchen area, a loft conversion or an extension to your home, a full refurbishment, sympathetic renovations or even a whole brand-new build, the group at TBF Home Improvements are driven to provide a bespoke building service, tailored to your exacting requirements, where excellence is the only alternative.

House Extensions Wimborne Minster

Remodeling A Basement

Extending your basement or simply converting it is a brilliant means to add more livable area in your house. 

Always take into account the builder’s experience and expertise.

Creating an extra space in your home needs a well thought out plan. You should select a builder that have been dealing with similar projects such as yours. You can look at a few recent projects and visit finished ones.

Side House Expansion

In most properties, there is an area running alongside the house, which is a good place to utilize for a home expansion. Planning a side extension is easy, but there are certain rules to follow when making your design.


This type of home extension will make an absolute design statement for your home. If your property has a nice view, floor-to-ceiling glass or a glass roof is an excellent approach to feature the beauty of the outdoors. With this type of extension, you can have natural light coming in your home. The impact glass will have on your home can be staggering in comparison with more conventional roofing materials, offering you a view of the skies.

Using a large portion of glass is also an excellent way to build an extension to a historic building. Nonetheless, keep in mind that a glass extension facing South will have more sun, and so there’s a risk of becoming very hot inside. Position the units at the center of the room if the glass extension should be a part of a kitchen reconstruction. A glass extension is not too costly and it is a big selling point because of its many benefits. On the other hand, you have to handle glass with caution because it is bulky and can break easily. The number of windows in your house is an important element to consider if you want natural lighting in your property. Introducing light into the entire home to the new extension is a key element of a successful side house expansion.

Utilizing transparent or glass ceiling to let natural light into the room makes a lot of sense. Use a lot of artificial light on dark parts, as this kind of project can darken some spaces of the home, making it far less usable. You can also embrace the dark and make an intimate internal room for the evenings or build a bathroom.

Glass Extension

This technique of home extension will make a real design statement for your home. If your home has a good view, floor-to-ceiling glass or a glass roof is a great approach to showcase the beauty of the outdoors. With this type of expansion, you can have natural light coming in your home. The impact glass will have on your dwelling can be amazing compared to more conventional roofing materials, giving you a view of the skies.

Utilizing a large portion of glass is also a great way to construct an extension to a historic structure. Yet, make sure that whatever direction the glass extension is facing, it should give a positive element to the house. If it’s part of a kitchen renovation, note that you cannot place the units against a glass wall. A glass extension can be less costly than a traditional expansion.

However, while glass is a viable material to use in construction, it can be very difficult to deal with. Contractors provide and set up glass for extensions with the premier manufacturing quality and are fully able to deal with the hostile climate. Glass is resistant to dampness and most cleaning chemicals, so it will last well with only little care.

Renovating With Wood

You can design your home expansion with the same type of materials with that of your existing house or use a contrasting one. Timber frame extensions are increasingly becoming popular among homeowners, construction companies and developers for residential buildings. Wood is a popular material for home extensions that offers many benefits.

Light And Portable:
Timber is quite a strong material and has fairly low weight. Versatility:
Timber is a readily available and easily adapted construction material ideal for constructing expansions. Environmentally-friendly Material
Timber is an environmentally friendly material with great insulation properties. Faster Remodeling
Depending on the design for your house expansion project, the builder can intall the main structure within a matter of days rather than weeks. Easy On The Pocket
Since wooden expansions are time-efficient not time-consuming, it means you can save on the day-to-day operations and other materials for the project. Timber is Dry
You do not have to wait around for any material, cement or sand to dry.

At TBF Home Improvements, we make our house extension task plan a cohesive effort with the input of our customers so that you can have the house you have constantly desired. We also make an effort to handle the house building cost to stay within the spending plan while also providing the best options and our knowledge for a safe and comfortable home extension in Wimborne Minster.


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