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Finding an ideal home builder in Weymouth for your task can be an overwhelming process, so whether planning to upgrade your restroom or kitchen area, a loft conversion or an extension to your house, a full refurbishment, sympathetic renovations or perhaps an entire brand-new construct, the team at TBF Home Improvements are driven to supply a bespoke building and construction service, customized to your exacting requirements, where excellence is the only option.

House Extensions Weymouth

Start Thinking About Light

Your property extension design must take account of the lighting, whether you’ll choose for natural or artificial. Windows are in place for natural lighting and circulation of air inside the structure. Whether you’ll utilize natural or artificial lighting, it is a crucial factor for a side expansion project. Utilizing see-through or glass ceiling to let natural light into the room makes a lot of sense. This project can make some areas of the home look dark, so this is where you can have fun with artificial lighting. A good alternative is to move toilets and rooms that do not need so much natural light to the center of the house.

Building Home Extensions

Majority of homeowners prefer constructing a house extension than relocating to a new one. You can add extra space and extra living space, and put in some new decorations and other equipment. You can revive and reuse, clean up and give a new finish old floorboards, doors, radiators, towel rails, and kitchen units, so you can cut on expenses.

Remodeling Top Floors

If you have not enough space in your front or rear, you can extend upwards by adding a second floor. You can have the spuer-modern glass boxes and mixed materials of the past few years for your design. Position window openings to frame the best views from your extension.

Low-level windows can be effective at creating views when sitting or lying in bed. Use pocket doors if you can’t decide whether to enclose your extension or have it as an open floor plan.

Full Glass Home Extensions

Glass house extensions make a remarkable modern design statement of your home. If you have a magnificent view in your property, a glass extension is the best design to incorporate the outside to the inside. Natural light is one of the most in demand qualities of a house, which a glass extension can offer. Adding glass roofing will help make an open and airy space, allowing you to admire the sky above.

It is best to use glass to expand an old structure because it is a more delicate material than a traditional one. However, note that a South-facing glass extension will receive more sun, and so there’s a risk of becoming very hot inside. Position the appliances in the middle of the room if the glass extension should be a part of a kitchen reconstruction. The project is less expensive than traditional ones and your property worth increases with the addition of a glass extension. But, while glass is a viable material to use in building, it can be very difficult to deal with. This is why you need to hire professional help to make sure you have the quality of the glass and the installation. You’ll find water-resistant glass and fireproof glass, as well as self-cleaning glass.

At TBF Home Improvements, we make our house extension task prepare a cohesive effort with the input of our customers so that you can have the house you have actually constantly desired. We also make an effort to manage the home construction expense to stay within the spending plan while also offering the very best options and our knowledge for a safe and comfy home extension in Weymouth.


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