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We are a Dorset based building company who undertake all basic structure work. At TBF Home Improvements we pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship and our capability to listen to our consumers' requirements and requirements. All our work is carried out to the greatest requirements by our expert and diligent tradesmen. We can carry out all extensions to your home. From small brick developed decks to extensions on the front or back of your home and even larger two story home extensions. Feel confident, our builders have your home extension in Verwood covered.

House Extensions Verwood

Converting A Furnace Room

Remodeling your basement or simply converting it is a practical way to add an extra room in your home. 

The craftsman’s experience and knowledge are important factors.

Home extensions are among the most complicated building projects. Ideally, your builder should have several years of experience in home extensions. You can check out a few recent jobs and visit finished ones.

Side House Addition

By adding a side expansion, not only you are creating a bigger and more comfortable living space, but you are also adding worth to your house. Making sure your side expansion complies with planning permission rules and building regulations is important.

About Glass Home Conversions

Glass house extensions make a striking modern design statement of your home. If your property has a good view, floor-to-ceiling glass or a glass roof is a great approach to feature the splendor of the outdoors. Natural light is one of the most sought-after qualities of a house, which a glass extension can provide. Instead of light fixtures and plaster, you can gaze up at an ever-changing sky.

Using a large portion of glass is also a great way to build an extension to a historic structure. Nonetheless, keep in mind that a glass extension facing South will receive more sun, and so there’s a risk of becoming very hot indoors. Glass extensions are ideal for kitchen renovations, but the appliances should be in the middle of the room. Not only do you create more space and spend less, your home becomes more valuable with a glass extension.

On the other hand, you have to handle glass with caution because it is bulky and can break easily. Think about the number of windows you’ll have and how big they will be. The lighting is one of the most important factors in a side house expansion, as it could make or break your project. Utilizing transparent or glass ceiling to let natural light into the room makes a lot of sense. Building a side home expansion can plunge one of the main rooms into darkness, so be sure artificial light is enough. Those darker portions of the house can also provide an intimate feel of the space where you can relax or build a space for utilities.

Sun Rooms

This technique of house extension will make a real design statement for your home. A glass extension can give you a sense of being outside, delighting in every bit of the view. With glass roofing and sun pipes, this kind of extension offers natural lighting and increase the feeling of a wider space in your house. With a glass extension, you can take advantage of the weather and gaze at the skies from the inside. Utilizing a substantial portion of glass is also an excellent way to build an extension to a historic structure. Nonetheless, keep in mind that a South-facing glass extension will receive more sun, and so there’s a risk of becoming very hot indoors. If it’s part of a kitchen makeover, remember that you cannot place the units against a glass wall. A glass extension can be less costly than a traditional extension.

On the other hand, you must work with glass with extra care because it is bulky and can break easily. Getting a legal contractor is the key to a successful glass extension, as they provide quality materials and services. Glass is resistant to dampness and most cleaning chemicals, so it will last well with only little maintenance.

Using Wood As An Alternative

You can design your home extension with the same type of materials with that of your existing house or use a contrasting one. Today, majority of homeowners and construction companies go for wooden house expansions. Wooden home expansion or timber cladding extension can introduce a whole new appeal to the property.

Timber weighs relatively less, making it a good choice for an extra loft or floor. Versatility:
Timber is a readily accessible and easily adapted construction material ideal for building extensions. Ecologically-friendly Material
Sustainable made timber has a natural insulation feature, which creates an energy-efficient space. Not Wasting Time
Depending on the design for your house extension project, the builder can intall the main structure within a matter of days rather than weeks. Quite A Bit Cheaper
This fast build means you will also have a significant monetary saving. Wood is Dry
Adverse weather conditions do not delay construction because wood is a natural dry material.

There are a number of inspirations why house owners in Verwood choose to extend their residential or commercial property. Household growth and increasing the general value of the residential or commercial property are among the most typical. In an economy where residential or commercial property value is just increasing, extending your home is becoming the favoured choice over moving. We can minimise the expense of extending your house thanks to our exclusive position within the structure and building market. Our group includes qualified home builders, designers and installation professionals. Suggesting we never need outsource work, lowering the expense to you.


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