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Whether you have an existing driveway that needs upkeep, or you are considering installing a brand-new driveway, we are specialist Driveway Installers with years of experience, setting up block paving drives. We utilize high quality in your area sourced products with contemporary up to date plant and construction techniques for driveway installation. For many people parking their car on the street is the only option. However, if you have the space, a new driveway can help keep your cars and truck safe, add value to your residential or commercial property and considerably boost the appearance of your home.

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Keeping Your Driveway In Good Shape

Although most of the driveways are built to last, there will come a time that it will deteriorate and will need repair. As your driveway age, you’ll see cracks and holes that are effects of weathering. Damaged driveways can be very dangerous to vehicles. It is more costly to replace the whole thing than doing small repairs and maintenance.

If you want your driveway to last, maintain it and do necessary repairs. Concrete and asphalt driveways may not require regular maintenance, but they can crack and dirt can build up eventually and allow moss, then weeds, to get a footing. One way to prevent cracks and surface damage is sealing your driveway with as high-quality sealant. Note that there is a specific disadvantage to low quality products, as they need to be replaced more often.

All driveways should really be edged, otherwise they could crumble easily. Any type of damage of any driveway type needs immediate attention and repair. The rule of thumb is that whatever the driveway is made of, do not attempt a repair all by yourself unless you are an expert.

Driveway Cost

A driveway can provide you with many benefits, but you don’t have to shell out a huge amount of money to get one. Depending on your location and the frequency of the usage of your driveway, there are many options to consider that will influence installation costs. A professional builder would be a great help for you to make a sound decision regarding your driveway. Gravel is by far the cheapest and quickest material for a driveway installation, especially if the existing driveway sub-base is sound.

Block paving has lots of price options from basic cheap blocks to more expensive stone sets. If you are looking for a cheap, but a decent driveway, opt for concrete. However, colored or stamped concrete pavers are prices a bit higher. The cheapest driveway material is the tarmac, which also has a low-cost maintenance yet durable and long lasting. If you want to have a different color on your driveway other than black or grey, go for bricks or cobblestone, but the price is much higher than other types. Note that a driveway professional will charge extra to remove the existing driveway, especially if it involves pulling up and cracking a concrete or asphalt driveway.

Using Brick

Clay brick has been a standard building material for thousands of years, used both for building walls and as paving surfaces for roads, pathways, and courtyards. Bricks are quite sturdy yet porous in nature, which prevents puddling and icing during the rainy and wintertime. Paver bricks today have many versatile designs that you can choose to fit your home style. The installation process of brick pavers does not demand for a lot of time and the whole task is quite easy too.

There is no need to wait for the area to sit idle for a while because it can be used right away. Due to their rough texture, bricks are skid and slip resistant. Bricks offer a range of colours that are all natural shades, thus there is no chance of the beautiful shades fading away from the material.

This type of driveway promotes easy repairing as well, since you only need to remove and replace the brick blocks that are damaged. Brick driveways can be cost effective because you won’t have to replace it every now and then. Brick driveways won’t easily crack open when exposed to ground shifting and settling adjustments. Using an eco-friendly material such as bricks for enhancing your property means you are actually helping mother nature by not creating any kind of chemical hazards.

Driveway Pavers Are Trendy

Driveway pavers are so important because it serves as the welcome mat to your entire house. You’ll find an array of options of driveway pavers out there these days available for everyone. Driveway pavers can be a great investment, which adds instant appeal and value to your home. However, you must need to decide on a handful of things like paver style, color, laying pattern and overall design. You want to make sure you’ll have a beautiful entrance to your home that is durable enough to withstand the burden of vehicular use without shifting or cracking. First, you need to decide whether the driveway will be permeable or impervious.

The standard paver thickness is three inches and the base is six inches, but some places tend to have thicker base. The driveway pavers and border should match with the color tones of the roof. You can also create double borders or work with your contractor to develop other creative design ideas for your pavers and border. You can also make beautiful pattern embellishments for your driveway, adding attraction and appeal. You can work around with the patterns such as circle kits and create a fan or a fishtail design.

Your driveway is the entryway to your property and the very first thing that neighbours and visitors see when they visit your home. Provide your property the attention it deserves by choosing our company to install your new driveways. We have the abilities and knowledge to meet all of your paving needs no matter how you envision your brand-new driveway to look. We are the driveway installation professionals in Verwood.


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