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We are a Dorset based structure firm who undertake all basic building work. At TBF Home Improvements we pride ourselves on our quality of craftsmanship and our ability to listen to our consumers' requirements and requirements. All our work is performed to the highest standards by our expert and diligent tradespersons. We can carry out all extensions to your home. From small brick built decks to extensions on the front or back of your residential or commercial property and even larger two story house extensions. Rest assured, our contractors have your home extension in St Leonards covered.

House Extensions St Leonards

Side House Building And Construction

By constructing on to the side of the house, you can make your home bigger and much better. Making sure your side expansion conforms with planning permission rules and building regulations is essential.

Compare the rates of different contractors.

Checking out several contractors will assist you decide which one can maximize your resources. When you start a house extension project, you will be spending most of your time supervising the project and frequently communicating with the builder. It is also important that you know the status of the job and it is the responsibility of the contractor to let you know.

Working With The Available Space

As you knock down the walls, put up a steel beam to support the rest of the building. Having higher ceilings can draw the attention upwards and make a bit of increase in the space feel much larger. You might want to think about the waste downpipes, rainwater downpipes, and so on, as you do a side expansion.

A successful side home expansion provides a new makeover to a home, giving it a modern look. Like everything in constructing, it requires good planning and execution.

The experience and expertise of the contractor matters a lot.

Doing home expansions is not as simple as knocking down walls and adding extra rooms. You should choose a contractor that have been dealing with similar projects such as yours. When you find an interesting contractor, check his portfolio and see his previous work.

There are numerous motivations why property owners in St Leonards choose to extend their residential or commercial property. Household development and increasing the overall value of the property are amongst the most common. In an economy where residential or commercial property value is just increasing, extending your house is ending up being the favoured alternative over moving. We can reduce the cost of extending your home thanks to our unique position within the structure and construction market. Our group consists of qualified builders, designers and installation professionals. Indicating we never need outsource work, minimizing the expense to you.


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