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Our dedicated group of qualified tradespersons will assist you in taking advantage of your presently unused, wasted loft area with a thought-out loft conversion-- whether you're wanting to include an extra bed room to your property or desire an useful home office, we've got you covered. Whatever your requirements TBF Home Improvements has the right solution for you, from an in home design team to full project management service we offer the end to end service in addition to anything in between to Oakley citizens.

Loft Conversions Oakley

Small Areas Can Also Work

Small attic conversions are often underrated, but they can be very worthwhile when done by the right contractor. However, make sure you comply with the regulations before you commence the project. Make the measurement yourself and check if the space conform with the minimum requirement. Keep in mind that after paneling and plastering, there has to be a at least two meters headroom remaining in order for the conversion to be compliant. Storage cabinets custom-built to fit sloping eaves and low ceilings will be particularly useful, creating a practical solution for otherwise awkward spaces.

A small bedroom is also a viable option for small loft conversions. A small loft space can provide you the perfect room for a home office, providing a quiet place to focus away from the noise of the rest of the house. It would be great to have an extra bathroom in the house, and the small loft conversion is an absolute match for this idea. Some homeowners wish to have a sort of a man cave in the house, which can be a clever way to maximize this small space.

The Most Suitable Home Contractor

You can add up a sizeable amount of value to your property by converting your loft. Make sure it yields the biggest return on investment by hiring an expert of loft conversion. But, make sure also that you hire a reputable contractor. To make a loft conversion successful, one must have cautious planning and correct carrying out of the workload.

To have the expertise of the profession, it entails knowledge, creativity, and experience, which only a loft conversion specialist has. This means that you must not entrust a loft conversion with an everyday contractor. True enough that you can save some cash, but the quality of work and design is not the same.

Renovating A Dormer

One of the most common type of loft conversion is the dormer, giving extra room in the house. With a dormer loft conversion, not only you gain an extra room, but you also get more head height. By constructing a dormer onto an existing roof, you can transform a small attic into usable space.

If you’re looking to get enough daylight, dormers are definitely the answer. You can choose to build a certain style or design depending on your budget, preference, and location. Planning permission is typically not required for a dormer loft conversion except when the property is a flat or in a conservation area. You can build dormer windows or construct the dormer loft at the rear part of the house.

Setting up of dormers includes opening the roof and fitting in the necessary timbers on site. If you want to ensure that work is done successfully, get a loft conversion company who specializes on dormers. Offsite manufacturing of dormers is possible for some contractors, which makes the workload faster and easier. You can make your roof line more appealing with a classy dormer design.

Hire Your Building Contractor

Seeking help from company is the first step in choosing the right contractor. Note that personality is the key to harmonious and ultimately a successful project. They will be around your house for several weeks, so it is imperative you can trust and be comfortable with your contractor.

There has to be continuous communication, so it would be great if you could get along well with each other at all times. A reliable loft conversion specialist will also provide insurance to cover any injuries during the building process without you having to ask.

Careful Planning Is Crucial

If you wish to save funds, keep your design simple and easy. Ask your builder how to lower your expenditures. Adding headroom and other structural changes will add to the cost of your conversion. Consider the position of plumbing if you want to construct a bathroom.

Consider also the floor below and the electrical work. Create a good plan of the layout of your loft conversion before you begin work. Hiring a contractor can help you avoid making building errors and wastage on materials and labor. Align your design to the basic requirements of a loft conversion to avoid unnecessary suspensions and expenses.

We then care for all elements of the construct, the authorized drawings, constructing control, the structural engineering computations and supply total comprehensive schedule of works. We will be with you all the method up until your loft conversion is delivered to you fully decorated and any snagging is complete. We provide you competitive rates on your loft conversion, we approach every task individually.


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