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We welcome you to our website and thank you for considering TBF Home Improvements as a prospective business based in Dorset to carry out your loft conversions or house extensions in Lyme Regis. We specialise in custom loft conversion design and develop jobs. Our surprisingly affordable tasks are built in simply a couple of weeks, based on styles prepared to fulfill your specific requirements. It's your dream loft conversion with a minimum of difficulty and a maximum of fulfillment.

Loft Conversions Lyme Regis

Find Your Building Contractor

What’s great about dealing with a loft conversion company is that they offer a complete service from design to completion. Note that character is the key to pleasant and ultimately a successful project. You have to be able to trust the builder and workers, as they will be spending several weeks at your property.

There needs to be constant communication, so it would be great if you could get along well with each other at all times. Also, ask if the company offers insurance, otherwise you may be responsible to pay damages for any accident during the building process.

Smart Investments In Your Home

Many households across the country are into loft conversion, as it is a brilliant way to add space and worth to your property. As exciting as it is, you want to have a thorough plan and style for your loft project before you leap into action. If you want to make sure that everything will go smoothly as planned, get a good contractor who is expert of loft conversions.

The total project cost can vary since every home is different, thus loft conversions vary in size and specifications, which depends on the desires of the customer. Smaller houses will entail smaller loft conversion, which means that cost is lower. You must know what the inclusions are with the quote offered to you, so you can identify whether it’s a low-quality offer or a worthwhile investment. Take time to shop around and compare rates and services of different companies.

Be mindful of the items not counted in the quote, and you might be surprise with other fees you didn’t know you still need to pay. You might want to ask your contractor to give a total of all the cost of the loft conversion, plus other fees and VAT. This way, it will be easier for you to pay for everything. Request for a quotation that includes all relevant payments for your project, so won’t have any more complications later on.

Getting Constructive With Blank Space

You’ll find many ways to transform your small loft into something beautiful and functional for your home. However, there is a regulation when it comes to the head-space of the room to be converted. Use a measuring tape and measure the space you’re planning to convert. Be aware that the conversion process will further reduce head height, since the roof requires paneling and plastering and a proper floor has to be fitted. Transform the small space into storage with built-in cabinets and drawers for convenience.

With some innovative thinking, even the smallest of lofts can be converted into a perfect attic bedroom for your home. As many people work from home these days, a good home office can be a nice project for your small loft conversion. An extra bathroom is always convenient for growing families, and a small loft space can provide the perfect space to add one to your current home. Another small loft conversion idea is to use the space for any hobbies and interests you have such as arts and crafts, yoga and meditation, library, and so on.

Keep Things Simple

Base your loft conversion on efficiency. Ask your contractor how to lower your expenses. Consider how much light and headroom you desire, as it will add to the cost. If you’ll have a toilet, placing the plumbing well will need less work than re-routing plumbing across the building, so will therefore be cheaper.

You might want to do re-wiring and change the lighting, so it’s also important to consider the floor below. Make a workable plan of the layout of your loft conversion before you start work. Never DIY except if you are a professional because construction mistakes means more cost. Align your design to the basic requirements of a loft conversion to avoid needless suspensions and costs.

Renovating A Dormer

The most popularly installed loft conversion is in the style of a dormer loft conversion because it’s quick and practical to construct compared to other types. What’s great about a dormer loft conversion is that it maximises the floor area, and allows you to increase the head height, providing you an overall spacious room. By building a dormer onto an existing roof, you can convert a cramped attic into useful space. Dormer windows construct extra headroom and floor space that will be immersing in natural light. Dormers come in different styles from single to full width, from side to L-shaped to hip-to gable. Most of dormer loft conversions do not need planning permission. You can build dormer windows or build the dormer loft at the back part of the house.

Normally, you have to open the roof and cut timber into the required dimension right on the site when installing dormers. Dormer loft conversion may not be a task a DIYer should undertake. For easy and quick set up, some builders make the dormers offsite and just install them later on. You can make your roof line more elegant with a classy dormer design.

When you select TBF Home Improvements you can expect to meet a team of friendly, skilled professionals that'll be with you every step of the method, so your loft conversion surpasses all your expectations. We provide a totally free study and a composed quote, complete warranty and we have an extensive conversion, refurbishment and extension portfolio for you to browse through.


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