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We're an extremely competent driveway installation company offering resin and block paved driveways at fantastic prices. A new driveway can drastically enhance your houses look and add monetary value to your residential or commercial property. Driveways can also make an area lacking in character appearance excellent again and often cost less than you might believe. With a large series of colours and styles at our disposal, we can develop you a driveway that fits your house and your budget.

Driveway pavers

Driveway Pavers Are Fashionable

Your driveway can be a reflection of the quality of your home. You can have a great driveway with the many ways and options for you to choose. More homeowners claim they would prefer to install pavers than any other driveway material.

However, as with any other home-improvement project, multiple considerations need to have attention. You want to make sure you’ll have a beautiful entrance to your home that is durable enough to withstand the burden of vehicular use without shifting or cracking. A traditional paver driveway would be impervious, but there are multiple benefits to installing a permeable paver driveway.

Driveway paver thickness and base can vary, but with only a slight difference. Current trends lean towards choosing driveway paver colors that tie in with the roof color of the home, either in the primary paver field or in a border. If you want unique driveway pavers, talk to your contractor about possible creative ways to make it happen. You can add embellishments on focal points like the driveway entrance, the garage apron, or the area called a carriage drop, which is the spot where you’ll dropped off someone adjacent to the home’s formal entrance. You can work around with the patterns such as circle kits and create a fan or a fishtail design.

Choosing Concrete Floor Driveway

The combined strength and longevity make concrete a relatively good value for large areas of paving. While gravel and asphalt as cheaper options, concrete can give you that clean, decent finish for your driveway. Use your creativity and put in some color or print and pattern into the concrete to have a more stylish look. Decades ago, deciding on how your driveway would look like was so easy, but now all sorts of concrete designs are available.

There are a bit of a confusion sometimes between concrete and cement, but cement is part of the overall product, which is the concrete. Cement in itself is a mixture of limestone and clay, which is then mixed with other stone aggregate to form concrete. While pouring concrete seem to be an easy job, but it can be tricky achieving a good result. Timing is very important when doing the actual construction, and you might fall behind if you are not an expert.

A standard way of installing concrete driveway starts with removing grass, making sure the soil is stable enough, setting up wood forms, then pouring in the concrete. Even if you say you can do it yourself, professional help is still imperative to have to project done in no time. A concrete driveway may not be demanding for maintenance, but it is still important to keep it clean and sealed if you want it to last long.

Driveway Cost

The cost of a new driveway doesn’t need to be exceptionally high. Depending on your location and the frequency of the usage of your driveway, there are many options to consider that will influence installation costs. You may want to consult a professional builder to help with decide on your driveway installation project. Gravel driveways are one of the cheapest, quickest and most popular options to install. Block paving is a popular modern choice for a driveway, and the price ranges from very affordable blocks to expensive ones. Concrete is also one of the cheapest option, but it’ll be more expensive if you want to customize the looks more by having it colored or stamped. The cheapest driveway material is the tarmac, which also has a low-cost maintenance yet durable and long lasting. If you want to have a different color on your driveway other than black or grey, go for bricks or cobblestone, but the price is much higher than other types. In the case that you will install a new driveway, expect to pay for the removal of the old driveway.

Driveway Repair Work

Although most of the driveways are built to last, there will come a time that it will deteriorate and will need repair. Driveway repair is necessary when you see cracks and holes due to weathering. This inevitable deterioration of the driveway can unfortunately cause accidents. It is better to make the necessary repairs as soon as possible than having to replace the entire driveway when damage has gone too far already.

If you don’t do regular maintenance, expect that your driveway will deteriorate faster than if it’s maintained. Asphalt and concrete driveways usually don’t need regular upkeep, but they’re worth checking some time to make sure there are no damages and clean surface is maintained. One way to prevent cracks and surface damage is sealing your driveway with as high-quality sealant. Note that there is a specific disadvantage to low quality products, as they need to be replaced more often. Driveways without edging can crumble easily. If you have block paving on your driveway, hire workers who will respond quickly and are skilled at repairing all types of block paving. No matter what type of driveway you have, always hire a contractor to do the repair.

Due to constant use, your driveway may become broken or look a bit outdated. We can set up driveways of any shape or size utilizing top-quality products. We take great pride in our workmanship and quality of service. With years of experience in the industry, you can depend on us to design and develop stunning driveways for both domestic and business residential or commercial properties in Lyme Regis. You can pick from a variety of products including block paving, concrete, slate, stone, gravel and resin that best enhance your home. Our group of professionals can install driveways that are useful, long-lasting and visually gorgeous.


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