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Do you reside in Ferndown or in the surrounding areas and trying to find a driveway design and setup business you can trust? We are the leading driveway style and setup business in Dorset using a wide range of driveway services at highly competitive rates such as, driveway paving, block paving, cobblestone paving, alpha paving, resin bound emerging, driveway cleaning and more.

Driveway pavers

Driveway Pavers Are Very Popular

Driveway pavers are the first to greet your visitors in your home. With the abundance of driveway pavers, there’s almost no excuse for anyone to have an unpaved or unsightly driveway. A paver driveway is a good investment, as it will make your home look more appealing, and will boost the value of your home.

But, if you want a beautiful outcome of your project, take time to plan and decide on the design, the color, and the style. Your driveway should make your property look pleasing and must be strong enough to last long. While a traditional impervious driveway is good, a permeable paver driveway is great, as it offers many advantages. Driveway paver thickness and base can vary, but with only a slight difference. You can have fun with the colors, but it is best if the colors of the pavers and borders go well with the color of the roof. You can also create double borders or work with your contractor to develop other creative design ideas for your pavers and border. You may also want to consider paver driveway embellishments to add a dramatic appeal. You can work around with the patterns such as circle kits and create a fan or a fishtail design.

Concrete Driveway

Many households and builders prefer concrete driveways. If you want a cost-effective, but presentable driveway, concrete is a way to go. You might think concrete is boring, but they can be colored and stamped for added style. Decades ago, deciding on how your driveway would look like was so easy, but now all sorts of concrete designs are available.

You might get confuse about concrete and cement, but cement is one of the compositions of concrete. Concrete is a composite material that includes mixtures of stones and cement. The construction process may be simple, but it is best to leave it to the hands of a professional builder. Timing is very important when doing the actual construction, and you might fall behind if you are not an expert.

Concrete driveway installation follows a systematic process that requires precision and quality. A professional building team can finish the entire project in a couple of days, while a DIY homeowner usually will have a week or more. Many people look at concrete driveways as being maintenance-free, but cleaning the driveway regularly helps it last long.

Stone Driveway

Clay brick has been a standard building material for thousands of years, used both for building walls and as paving surfaces for roads, pathways, and courtyards. Bricks are quite sturdy yet porous in nature, which prevents puddling and icing during the rainy and wintertime. Most paver brick is clay-colored and rectangular, but other shapes and colors are now available. Depending on your choice, you can create a driveway that looks like it's been around for 100 years or one that fits right in with modern house and landscape designs. It is easy to install bricks on your driveway.

With bricks, you don’t have to wait for days after installation to use it. If you are residing in a region prone to floods and heavy rainfalls, then it is definitely best to pave the driveway of your property with this non-skid material. Whether you have a specific preference, or just want to complement the shade of your house, you can simply do so with bricks, as they come in different colours.

This type of driveway promotes easy repairing as well, since you only need to remove and replace the brick blocks that are damaged. With its durability, easy installation and repairing, bricks can help you save money long-term. Driveways made of bricks have a reputation for longevity. Using an eco-friendly material such as bricks for enhancing your property means you are actually helping mother nature by not creating any kind of chemical hazards.

Deciding On A Driveway Professional

When people come to visit you at your home, the first thing they see is your driveway. Whether you like or not, people will have a first impression on the quality of your driveway, the way it looks, and how it is installed. Driveway installations may seem be an easy and quick project, but it is best to hire professionals to handle the work than doing it yourself. While some materials are relatively straightforward to use in a driveway installation, you still need access to the heavy equipment needed to work with materials and the area.

Instead of pouring in all your time and energy on this project, hire a good contractor. This way, you can actually save more. First thing you need to do is to have a background check on the potential contractors you wish to work with. The quality of work and services that the contractor offers are always a good line of questioning. Ask the contractor if they have insurance that could cover for any accident during the building process.

Hire someone who will be easy to communicate with on the job site and should foresee difficulties that arise. Trust is equally important because you’ll have the contractor around your property for days. After narrowing down your selection, request a quote from the contractor of your choice.

Due to continuous use, your driveway might end up being damaged or look a bit dated. We can set up driveways of any shape or size utilizing top-notch products. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and quality of service. With years of experience in the market, you can depend upon us to develop and create stunning driveways for both domestic and commercial residential or commercial properties in Ferndown. You can choose from a variety of products including block paving, concrete, slate, stone, gravel and resin that finest complement your property. Our team of professionals can set up driveways that are practical, lasting and aesthetically stunning.


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