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Our dedicated team of qualified tradesmen will help you in maximizing your presently unused, wasted loft area with a thought-out loft conversion-- whether you're looking to include an additional bed room to your residential or commercial property or want an useful home office, we've got you covered. Whatever your requirements TBF Home Improvements has the right service for you, from an in home style group to full task management service we provide the end to end service along with anything in between to Dorchester locals.

Loft Conversions Dorchester

Renovating A Dormer

One of the most popular type of loft conversion is the dormer, giving extra room in the house. A dormer is particularly effective where the pitch angle is high, as it increases the useful floor area. A type of extension that utilizes the space in the roof that looks like a room that juts out from the sloping roof.

Dormer windows create extra headroom and floor space that will be bathing in natural light. Depending on your budget and the size of the room, you can choose a particular dormer design or style. Planning permission is not necessary for a dormer loft conversion, but are subject to certain restrictions and conditions. You can build dormer windows or build the dormer loft at the back part of the house.

The installation of dormers includes having the roof opened and the cutting timber to its specific size to fit into the site. It takes a specialist to do the workload of dormer loft conversion. You’ll also find loft conversion companies who will build the dormers off-site like their workshop and lift into place to install. You can make your roof line more appealing with a classy dormer design.

The Actual Price Of A Loft Remodel

Many families choose to convert their loft as a means of obtaining more space and adding value to their property. However, you may not want to over-value your house if you wish to sell it in the future. Decide whether converting is a better choice than moving, considering the cost of each option.

The cost will vary depending on size, fittings, and type of the loft conversion project. The L- section and the Skylight type cost around £25,000-£30,000; the dormer is typically £30,000-£50,000; hip to gable loft at £40,000-£50,000; and the Mansard for £50,000 or more. A bathroom will involve plumbing work and fixtures, which means more costs as well. Other expenses may cover other necessary work such as inserting a new staircase and providing fire-safe access. In general, the inclusions of the project cost are all the work needed from planning to project management, demolition to installation and cleaning.

In general, large loft conversion companies have higher rate than small ones. Companies usually provide a quote for the total cost of the loft conversion project, but may not include planning costs and VAT. If you want to know the exact cost of your loft conversion, ask a contractor to give you a quote that is in accordance with your own loft conversion project.

Locate Your Builder

Making a deal with a loft conversion firm with specialists is a good start for a successful attic conversion project. Note that character is the key to harmonious and ultimately a successful project. They will be around your dwelling for several weeks, so it is important you can trust and be comfortable with your contractor. There needs to be continuous communication, so it would be great if you could get along well with each other at all times. Also, ask the contracting companies if they have public liability insurance.

Attic Conversion Estimate

Making use of your attic space by doing a loft conversion is one of the smartest way to have more room in your property, and it increases the market value of your property in case you want to sell it. As exciting as it may sound, you want to have a solid plan and design for your attic project before you leap into action. The true success of a loft conversion lies on the builder you’ll get to work for you.

The cost of loft conversions is usually based on the size and the interior and external specifications of the project. An L-shaped loft conversion is less costly than a Mansard style, which is bigger. Whether you receive a cheap or expensive quote, always see the itemization of the cost where the services are also specified. Compare at least three or four quotes from different builders, and decide which one best suits your requirements. Sometimes quotes include only the contractor services, but exclude costs for the architect, decorating materials, planning fees and admin, where the quote appears much lower than the actual amount you will pay. For peace of mind, better have a fixed fee that you and the contractor can agree with before construction work starts. Be mindful that other fees such as admin and planning fees as well as VAT may not be included in the quote.

Your loft conversion task will begin with an on-site evaluation with one member of our style group that can help with all the aspects of architectural drawings and preparing application, however in case you already have an architect or design group you want to deal with, we are happy to develop your loft according to their drawings. Why not let us take the strain and make the journey simple and worry totally free? We will help you prevent the common mistakes and ensure your job is completely safeguarded.


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