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Our dedicated group of licensed tradespersons will assist you in making the most of your presently unused, wasted loft space with a thought-out loft conversion-- whether you're seeking to include an extra bedroom to your home or desire a practical home office, we've got you covered. Whatever your requirements TBF Home Improvements has the best service for you, from an in house design group to full project management service we offer the end to end solution in addition to anything in between to Christchurch locals.

Loft Conversions Christchurch

Dormer Attic Conversion

One of the most common type of loft conversion is the dormer, providing additional room in the house. This type of loft conversion increases the useable floor space and adds head height, which gives you more opportunities when it comes to the placement of the stairs. It is a structural extension, which projects vertically from the plane of a sloping roof.

If you’re looking to get more of daylight, dormers are definitely the answer. Depending on how much money you’re planning to put in and how big is the room, you can decide on a particular dormer design or style. Planning regulations are simplified, inspiring more homeowners to do dormer loft conversion. A loft conversion is typically built to the back of the property, but can also be carried out to the side or as window dormers.

The builder shall open the roof and timber is cut into specific dimension to fit in a dormer. If you wish to make sure that work is done successfully, hire a loft conversion company who specializes on dormers. The job can be much quicker, and weatherproofing is good if the dormers are made off-site and just be put in place onsite once they are finish. Dormers with interesting style or design can add aesthetics to the roof.

Considering The Costs

A loft conversion is a great way of adding space and value to any house. However, you don’t want to spend so much, making it difficult to sell in the future for an reasonable profit. You might want to compare first your options, as you consider the costs, time, and energy you will be investing.

A number of factors can impact the cost of the loft conversion, including the size, structure of the roof, design, and location. Your choice of loft conversion type will tell you whether your project is expensive or cheap. If there are plumbing and electrical wiring work, you could expect that the cost of your conversion is more expensive. Other expenses may cover other needed work such as inserting a new staircase and providing fire-safe access. The itemization of the cost includes site set-up, demolishing, scaffolding, strengthening the floor, steelwork, plumbing, electrics, building and installation, plastering, roof-covering, internal decoration, and cleaning. You may find large companies charging more than small loft conversion companies. Planning fees and VAT are typically not included in the quote for the total conversion cost. Getting your own quote is the best way to know the exact cost of your loft conversion project.

Working With Dorset Home Improvement Contractors

The advantage of coming to attic conversion companies is that you are working with specialists. Note that character is the key to harmonious and ultimately a successful project. You have to be able to trust the builder and workers, as they will be spending several weeks at your house.

Although you won’t really need to be around every minute, it is important that you can agree during the whole duration of the building project. Insurance is also a big consideration in selecting your contractor because you will be responsible for any accidents if the company does not offer one.

Loft Conversion Quote

Making use of your attic space by doing a loft conversion is one of the smartest way to have more room in your property, and it increases the market value of your property in case you want to sell it. A good plan and loft conversion design can go a long way in a guaranteed success of the project. If you want to make sure that everything will go smoothly as planned, hire a good contractor who is expert of loft conversions.

The cost of your loft conversion is expected not to be the same as others' conversion because of several factors. An L-shaped loft conversion is less costly than a Mansard style, which is bigger. Whether you receive a cheap or expensive quote, always see the breakdown of the cost where the services are also specified. Compare at least three or four quotes from different builders, and choose which one best suits your needs.

Sometimes quotes cover only the contractor services, but exclude costs for the architect, decorating materials, planning fees and admin, where the quote appears much lower than the actual amount you will pay. To avoid misunderstanding and hassle, you can request that these extra fees be included to the contractor’s quoted cost. Ask your contractor to give you a complete list of all the payables with the total cost of the project.

We then take care of all aspects of the build, the approved illustrations, building control, the structural engineering computations and supply complete detailed schedule of works. We will be with you all the method up until your loft conversion is provided to you totally decorated and any snagging is total. We offer you competitive rates on your loft conversion, we approach every task separately.


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