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Our dedicated team of certified tradespersons will help you in making the most of your presently unused, squandered loft area with a thought-out loft conversion-- whether you're aiming to add an additional bed room to your home or want a practical office, we've got you covered. Whatever your requirements TBF Home Improvements has the ideal solution for you, from an in house style team to complete task management service we offer the end to end service along with anything in between to Bridport locals.

Loft Conversions Bridport

Contracting Dorset Home Improvement Contractors

What’s great about dealing with a attic conversion company is that they offer a complete service from design to completion. While expertise and knowledge are important, the character of the contractor has equal significance. This home-improvement project can last for several weeks, which means you must be able to trust and feel at ease with your contractor around.

The building project can run smoothly if you and your contractor can maintain a good rapport. Also, inquire if the contractor provides insurance, otherwise you may be responsible to pay damages for any injury during the building process.

Loft Remodeling Price

A loft conversion can provide not only the space you yearn for, but also significant value to your property. To be certain you'll have great success and good return on investment, you'll need careful organization and choose the type of attic conversion you have. The true success of a loft conversion lies on the builder you’ll choose to work for you. The total project cost can vary since every home is different, thus loft conversions vary in size and specifications, which depends on the liking of the customer. Keep in mind that if you have a bigger space and have more dormers, you’ll have higher cost. You must know what the inclusions are with the quote given to you, so you can tell whether it’s a low-quality offer or a worthwhile investment. Do your research on the pricing trends of your chosen loft conversion, and compare it to the quote presented by your contractor. Sometimes quotes include only the contractor services, but exclude costs for the architect, decorating materials, planning fees and admin, where the quote appears much cheaper than the actual amount you will pay. It is best to make an agreement to have a fixed fee that includes all costs and extra fees for your loft conversion project. Request for a quotation that includes all relevant payments for your project, so won’t have any more complications later on.

Getting Resourceful With Blank Space

Small loft conversions can be of utmost help and significance, too. However, there is a minimum requirement when it comes to the head-space of the room to be converted. Make the measurement yourself and see if the space conform with the minimum requirement. Keep in mind that a loft conversion includes setting up of a proper floor, paneling and plastering, which can reduce the head height even more. One of the most common idea of a small loft conversion is a storage room.

A small bedroom is also a workable option for small loft conversions. As many people work from home these days, a good home office can be a nice project for your small loft conversion. Installing another bathroom on your small loft conversion might just be the best thing to utilize that space. You may also want to have tranquility room in your house, this small space is just the perfect spot.

Basic Designs Often Work Best

Base your loft conversion on efficiency. There are many ways to cut the cost of your loft conversion. If you already have enough standing room, you could save by limiting the room to its current size. A toilet in your loft means plumbing, which could really have a significant impact on your budget. Think about the floor directly below your loft as well as the needed electrical work. Create a viable plan of the layout of your loft conversion before you start work. Never DIY except if you are a professional because construction mistakes means more expenses. Align your design to the basic requirements of a loft conversion to avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

Dormer Attic Remodeling

A dormer loft conversion is one of the simpliest ways to expand whether you're fancying of a bedroom, an office, a gameroom or a home cinema. What’s great about a dormer loft conversion is that it makes the most of the floor area, and allows you to boost the head height, providing you an overall spacious room. The room will have vertically straight walls partnered with a horizontal ceiling, going against the sloped walls of the roof.

If you’re looking to have enough daylight, dormers are definitely the answer. Depending on how much money you’re planning to put in and the size of the room, you can decide on a particular dormer design or style. Planning permission is not necessary for a dormer loft conversion, but are subject to certain restrictions and conditions. The usually installation of a dormer loft conversion is at the rear of the house, but can also be at the side.

Installation of dormers includes opening the roof and fitting in the necessary timbers on site. Dormer loft conversion may not be a task a DIYer should undertake. The job can be much quicker, and weatherproofing is good if the dormers are done in another location and just be set up in place onsite once they are ready. A stylish dormer can make a roof-line more appealing.

Your loft conversion task will begin with an on-site assessment with one member of our style team that can help with all the aspects of architectural drawings and preparing application, but in case you currently have a designer or style group you wish to work with, we enjoy to develop your loft according to their illustrations. Why not let us take the strain and make the journey easy and fret totally free? We will help you avoid the common pitfalls and ensure your project is fully protected.


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