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With rapidly spiraling home costs in Bournemouth forcing more people to stick with their present home for the foreseeable future, a number of house owners are choosing to extend their existing home in order to get additional area without needing to offer. Although the cost of building an extension can be substantial, it is a sure-fire way to add special value to your home and will serve those wanting to move away in a couple of years time simply as well as those who are setting up for the long run.

House Extensions Bournemouth

Side House Addition

By building on to the side of the house, you can make your property bigger and much better. If you want a side extension, be aware of the policies and regulations regarding this type of house extension.

Get the best offer without sacrificing quality.

Let different contractors bid for the project. You will have a constant conversation with your contractor regarding your home expansion project. You should also get a constant update about the progress of the home extension.

Building Recommendations

As you knock down the walls, place a steel beam to support the rest of the structure. Creating higher ceilings provide a much larger space in the room. One of the important elements in designing and construction is the plumping. A successful side house extension provides a fresh makeover to a house, giving it a contemporary look. Like everything in building, it needs to have good planning and execution.

The experience and expertise of the contractor matters a lot.

Adding an extra space in your house needs a well thought out plan. Therefore, you should have a contractor with a wide experience in this type of project. You can look at a few recent projects and visit finished ones.

There are several motivations why house owners in Bournemouth choose to extend their property. Family growth and increasing the overall value of the property are amongst the most common. In an economy where property worth is only increasing, extending your house is ending up being the favoured option over moving. We can minimise the expense of extending your house thanks to our special position within the structure and construction market. Our group consists of certified home builders, designers and installation specialists. Implying we never require outsource work, minimizing the expense to you.


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